Diary of Island Girl Lifestyle

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The last few weeks have been extremely hectic.  Island Girl Lifestyle had it’s inaugural debut at the Atlantic City Carnival Flag Party.  The party was held at the Howard Johnson hotel in Atlantic City. According to one of the AC Carnival Committee members, it was a vast improvement from the previous year and was well attended.

Island Girl Lifestyle finally got to opportunity to introduce the “IGL Wristlel” flag to the public and it was well received. People loved the simplicity and convenience of the flag and was pleasantly surprised by the addition of glitter for style. Some people who already came to the party with their “regular” flags loved “IGL Flags” so much that they had to purchase one because they loved the concept and ingenuity of our flags.  It was thrilling seeing everyone’s reaction to the flags.

The following day was the actual Parade on the Atlantic City boardwalk.  IGL did not attend the parade because we were busy setting up but the general opinion of the people we spoke to did not seem that impressed with the parade.  They said the spectators out numbered the masqueraders by a very large margin and the music on the “road” was not very impressive.  These are all growing pains and expected for a new carnival (this is AC Carnival’s second year).  Another disappointment that IGL experienced first hand was the poor support for the vendors (both food and crafts).  One vendor we spoke with said that it was such a huge disappointment and a waste of his time, energy and money.  From a vendors perspective I agree but the Island Girl Lifestyle philosophy is any opportunity is a great opportunity to network, grow and promote Island Girl Lifestyle.  

Overall Atlantic City Carnival has a lot of growing to do but so does Island Girl Lifestyle. As fellow rookies I think we both did a great job. IGL will definitively be back next year.  It’s a real cool weekend getaway.  


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