Diary of Island Girl Lifestyle

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The last few weeks have been extremely hectic.  Island Girl Lifestyle had it’s inaugural debut at the Atlantic City Carnival Flag Party.  The party was held at the Howard Johnson hotel in Atlantic City. According to one of the AC Carnival Committee members, it was a vast improvement from the previous year and was well attended.

Island Girl Lifestyle finally got to opportunity to introduce the “IGL Wristlel” flag to the public and it was well received. People loved the simplicity and convenience of the flag and was pleasantly surprised by the addition of glitter for style. Some people who already came to the party with their “regular” flags loved “IGL Flags” so much that they had to purchase one because they loved the concept and ingenuity of our flags.  It was thrilling seeing everyone’s reaction to the flags.

The following day was the actual Parade on the Atlantic City boardwalk.  IGL did not attend the parade because we were busy setting up but the general opinion of the people we spoke to did not seem that impressed with the parade.  They said the spectators out numbered the masqueraders by a very large margin and the music on the “road” was not very impressive.  These are all growing pains and expected for a new carnival (this is AC Carnival’s second year).  Another disappointment that IGL experienced first hand was the poor support for the vendors (both food and crafts).  One vendor we spoke with said that it was such a huge disappointment and a waste of his time, energy and money.  From a vendors perspective I agree but the Island Girl Lifestyle philosophy is any opportunity is a great opportunity to network, grow and promote Island Girl Lifestyle.  

Overall Atlantic City Carnival has a lot of growing to do but so does Island Girl Lifestyle. As fellow rookies I think we both did a great job. IGL will definitively be back next year.  It’s a real cool weekend getaway.  


Diary of Island Girl Lifestyle

This past weekend was hectic but overall it was both exciting and humbling.  I got to meet some fantastic and creative people who are responsible for the advancement of Caribbean culture.  They are all creative and intelligent individuals who love their culture and are incorporating it into their everyday lives.  Thank you, Onya West from “Socamotion” for taking time out to talk with me and share valuable advice. I look forward to Island Girl Lifestyle and Socamotion working together in the near future.  For all those that have not heard of Socamotion you really need to check it out- http://www.socamotion.com “Move your Mas”.

I also had the opportunity to meet the creative teams behind Borokeete Mas Band, Ramajay Mas Band and Karma Mas Band. So much preparation goes into making costumes and I think sometimes we may take it for granted the hard work and patience that goes into “making mas”.  The people behind the scenes that are putting together the pieces of the puzzles to make a beautiful portrait called “Carnival”.  Thank you all for giving me access to a process that I have never seen before and also giving me an opportunity to help introduce Island Girl Lifestyle to the planet of Brooklyn.

Please enjoy a sample of some of the costumes that will be on display at this years NY Carnival.

“Wings” by Ramajay Mas Band

“Wings”by Ramajay Mas Band

“Lost” by Karma Carnival Band 2012

Photo: Hot, sweet, and spicy- all of these flavors found in Mango Chow will leave you wanting more….

“Mango Chow” by Borokeete Mas Band

Diary of Island Girl Lifestyle

As I sit at my computer working, I took time out to send a tweet to support JayBlessed (she is trying to become the next host on 106&Park) and I can’t help but feel excited for her and the many other Caribbean women who are making their dreams a reality.

Let me tell you, there is a movement happening in our Caribbean culture.  I am seeing evidence of it all around me, especially with Caribbean women.  “Island Girls” we are taking Caribbean culture  to the next level and repacking it for the world to see the many faces and different layers of the Caribbean.

Last summer my Daddy gave me the book “Do You” by Russell Simmons and that book was the catalyst that encouraged me and gave me a road map of where to start and how to go about attain my dream. In the book, Russel Simmons said- “instead of letting other people interpret us, let’s take what we do know, what we do love, and make the entire collection ourselves” and that is the goal of Island Girl Lifestyle.  Let the world see the Caribbean through the experiences of the “Island Girl”.  We have and are contributing majorly to our communities and I want to shine a bright spotlight on all the “Island Girls” across the globe that are “changing the world, one Island Girl at a time”.

I am looking forward to the future but I am enjoying the moment I am in now. The challenge of climbing that huge mountain to get to the top.

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Diary of Island Girl Lifestyle

As I am preparing and working hard at launching Island Girl Lifestyle, I have to be honest and admit that I often get frustrated and discouraged. However, I am reminded by the Holy Spirit that I am not doing this on my own, I am driven by the power and grace of God. Island Girl Lifestyle was a gift given to me by God. He planted the idea in my head and showed me the vision of what Island Girl Lifestyle will become. It is now up to me to follow through, stay focused and committed to this journey. Often times we want what we want when we want it but as I grow spiritually I realize that if you want things to go right you have to wait on God’s timing and not your own.